Thursday, 11 November 2010

You memories of learning to drive

When you think back to learning to drive, what do you remember?

What did you enjoy doing? For some it is driving fast for the first time (others would put this down for my next question)

What did you hate doing? Reversing seems to top on most peoples list!

What could you instructor have done to help you more?

We like to think we do a very good job of teaching people to drive but your answers might help to make us even better!

New Independent Driving Test

Now the new independent part of the practical driving test has been added there has been lots of talk as to the test being harder to pass but more importantly the big question is has been helpful.

Can our newly passed drivers have any more confidence when they are on their own?

It would be great for new drivers to let me know their thoughts.

It would be even better to hear from people who have been driving for a long time, do you think this would have helped you?

If you have not come across the new changes then please visit

Thursday, 1 May 2008

In Ireland they are very close to changing the rules for newly qualified drivers to try to reduce accidents. There are several ideas under discussion some of which are as follow;

1. Impose a ban on driving after in the dark.

2. Impose a 40mph speed limit.

3. Not allow passengers after a certain time at night.

So what do you think?

Good idea or not and do you think it will help?

Have you any better suggestions?

Remember there will be changes here in the UK but it is yet to be decided as to what they will be so now is the time to have your say!

Look forward to hearing your views


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

There is talk of making a minimum amount of tuition required before you are allowed to take your driving test.

As a driving instructor at first this sounds good for my business however it is suggested that this be taken over a long period to allow for many different road conditions, which stops me offering my popular intensive driving courses.

What do you feel the minimum should be?

Is there another way of improving road safety?

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Should the driving test be made more difficult?

It has been suggested that in order to reduce the accidents caused by young inexperienced drivers the current driving test should be made more difficult.

Current suggestions are as follows;

minimum age increased to 18.

minimum number of lessons required with various suggestions of up to 120 hours!

minimum time of one year training.

I would love to get your views on each of the above with any suggestions as to how to tackle the problem of young drivers causing such a huge number of accidents!